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1/6 Scale Custom Ra's Al Ghul 'Sword Cane'


Thank you everyone for your interest but this project has now finished, no more canes will be available.


Following the posting of an image depicting a custom 1/6th scale 'Sword Cane' for a Ra's Al Ghul figure that I completed as a commission piece, I have received numerous requests for similar sword canes.  Initially I turned down these requests out of respect for the original requestor so that they continued to have a 'unique' piece, and the time taken to produce them.  However, after much discussion I have decided to produce these as a 'kit' with some finishing required.

Finished Article!

Originally the plan was to produce a kit of parts with assembly instructions, however I have now decided that I will pre-assemble before shipping so that all the person needs to do is paint the parts and attach the blade to the handle.  The kit will be pre-assembled much like the below image (please excuse the quality of the shot!) :

Before Painting

The price of these kits will be £12 (GBP), plus postage of £1.50 for UK, £3.50 for International orders (standard Royal Mail Airmail 'Small Packet' cost).

Please note if you require some sort of recorded delivery or tracking number, ask me as there will be an additional cost.  I cannot accept liability for items missing in transit once they have left the UK.

These 'Sword Canes' are made from Styrene plastic.  The blade part is thin (0.8mm thick) but fairly flexible so it is not easily snapped.

To finish you will require:

  • Acrylic based paints (I only recommend using Acrylics, use of other paints at your own risk), applied by either a brush or spray (inc airbrush).
  • Superglue (recommend gel based, but conventional works fine).

You will receive:

  • 1 x Cane handle
  • 1 x Cane base
  • 1 x Blade with 'hilt'
  • 1 x 'Release button' in either silver, brass or black (please specify which)
  • ** BONUS ** 1 x Green Gemstone 'tie pin' as pictured below:

Please be aware that like you, I am a collector and kitbasher; not a business.  Therefore please allow a minimum of 10 days when placing your order before it will be ready to be shipped to allow time to purchase materials and make the kit.  I will be making these to order only.

If you wish to place an order, or have any questions please drop me a mail.

Thanks for looking!

4dEFCON (Steve)


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