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Why So Serious - Latest News 13/05

Some latest news updates from our friends at Why So Serious:

Firstly, we have managed to secure some more stock of this previously sold out pre-order, limited quantity available:


Secondly, we have the following available on pre-order:



and finally... 

We recently opened a Hot toys - Predator 2 'City Hunter Predator' MMS173 1/6 scale figure for a recent Facebook photo shoot (post is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.363387263765174.1073741874.122354434535126&type=1). It has now been decided that this figure is to be listed on our eBay account (eBay user ID: whysoseriousonline) within the next 24 hours. It will, obviously, be listed as 'ex-display' but it was literally taken out for that set of photos and then repackaged (I know because I took the photos!) and so is, to all intent and purposes, still like brand new. Just in case anyone wanted to grab a bargain?

Update 14/5:

New IN STOCK: http://www.whysoseriousonline.co.uk/one-sixth-scale-figures/hot-toys-truetype-regular-body_one-sixth-scale-figures.html


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