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Why So Serious - Big Weekend Update 10/11

The weekend is almost over, and it's back to normal tomorrow... BUT before Monday hits, indulge yourself in the latest update from Why So Serious with some special offers and some previously sold out Hot Toys figures now available too!

The final delivery of the Hulk figure has now arrived so pre-orders for that will be shipping this week, it is however completely sold out so none available.

The figures we have that were previously sold out, now on the website are:

Hot Toys ‘Berserker Predator’

Hot Toys ‘Royce’
Hot Toys ‘Classic Predator’

Hot Toys ‘Shadow Predator’ 2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive

We have also decided to extend our weekend promotion until the end of this coming WEEK. They are as follows:

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Hot Toys 'Superman (Evil Version)' MMS207 2013 [TOY FAIRS EXCLUSIVE] - ONLY £159.99!!! http://www.whysoseriousonline.co.uk/one-sixth-scale-figures/hot-toys-superman-evil-version_one-sixth-scale-figures.html

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Hot Toys 'Batman Demon & Scarecrow' Set MMS140 2010 [10TH ANNIVERSARY EXCLUSIVE] - ONLY £299.99!!! http://www.whysoseriousonline.co.uk/one-sixth-scale-figures/hot-toys-batman-demon-scarecro_one-sixth-scale-figures.html

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Hot Toys 'Captain America (Star Spangled Man Version)' MMS207 2013 [TOY FAIRS EXCLUSIVE] - ONLY £159.99!!! http://www.whysoseriousonline.co.uk/one-sixth-scale-figures/hot-toys-captain-america-star-_one-sixth-scale-figures.html

WEEKEND SPECIAL OFFER!!! Hot Toys - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 'The Boss' VGM14 - ONLY £99.99!!!


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