Kaustic Plastik - New Team Member

News in from Kaustic Plastik:

'Kaustic Plastik is proud to introduce a new member of our team!  Luca Montenovesi "Vettius".

Luca is one of the finest customizer in the world and several of you already know his talent and his incredible skills.

From now Luca "Vettius" will realise a "Museum Display" for all the releases of Kaustic Plastik, that will be used in shows around the world.
This museum display would be also a form of inspiration for a lot of you that like customization, a way to give you some ideas on what is possible to do with Kaustic Plastik figures.

From the next releases Luca "Vettius" will offer also on comitee this museum display in a limited number for selling.

You can find extra info our Luca and several pictures of his wonderful works at his own site:


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