Toy Anxiety - Break-Downs and Re-Stocks 10/04

A lengthy list of break-downs and re-stocks from our friends at Toy Anxiety, mainly because I've been away whilst a lot of this news came in, so here it is all in one large post!
Sideshow Star Wars The Phantom Menace Obi Wan Kenobi x7
Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean AWE Elizabeth Swan (Most of 1)
Crazy Owner James Dean Cowboy x4
GI Joe Rock & Roll x3
Cobra Desert Sniper x1
Star Wars Captain Antilles x1[/B][/I][/url]
Hot Toys Platoon Barnes (Some various parts)
DAM Navy Seal Reconteam Marksman
DID WWII German Jakob Blau x1
DID WWII US Russell Franklyn x2


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