ZC World - LAPD, 'Jack' - Review

Way back at the beginning of January 2012 when ZC World announced two new LAPD Patrol Officers, Jack and Tiger; the first thought that popped into my head, and I imagine many others was ‘Awesome, T-1000 bash!’.

DSCF8770For anyone wishing to put together a slightly cheaper version of the Hot Toys T-1000 figure, your choices were somewhat limited to some now very rare and very expensive BBI loose items released many years ago from their law enforcement line which included such figures as ‘Officer West’, ‘Officer Somers’, various SWAT figures and they even sold the entire LAPD patrol officer clothing and accessory set as a carded item, minus the figure. Very occasionally you’ll see these items pop up on eBay and they command such a high price-tag that it’s often cheaper to buy the loose T-1000 parts in the first place!

Aside from creating your own version of John Connors T2 nemesis, the ZC World LAPD figures are actually pretty cool in their own right and make a refreshing change from some of the military figures on the market at the moment. Again, it was manufacturers like BBI and 21st Century who first marketed emergency services personnel in their law enforcement and fireman range, and with those two out of the 1/6th game at the moment (apart maybe from BBI who have recently released a SEAL figure) it’s nice to see someone else on the scene release something.

Two different figures were released from ZC World, who are mainly known for their ‘girlie’ line of femme fatale figures; these being Jack and Tiger. Jack, the figure we’re looking at today is a Caucasian figure whereas Tiger is an African American skin-tone. With not many darker skin-tone figures available on the market in comparison to Caucasian ones, it will be welcomed with open arms in the 1/6th kit bashing community, especially for the head sculpt which I predict we’ll see on some Vietnam grunt figures soon!

There are some subtle differences between the two figures, and having one in hand, but only photos available for the comparison these differences, from what I can make out, are:

Watch – Jack’s has a black round face; Tiger’s is silver and square

Holster – Jack’s is a right mounted hip mount whereas Tiger’s appears to be left handed and drops down on a leather loop.

Keys – Tiger comes with a set of keys, Jack does not… bit odd that.

Magazine pouch – Jacks is mounted horizontally, Tiger’s is vertical.

Glasses – Jack has a pair of sunglasses whereas Tiger has a pair of round framed glasses.

I would assume that these differences, although small, are there to create two individual products as possible and give a certain amount of choice between the two figures other than the obvious difference in head sculpt and skin colour.

So let’s have a closer look at Jack…

DSCF8774Jack comes neatly packaged in the foam lined ‘shoe box’ style format which seems to be fairly popular these days with DAM and alike. The box has magnetic catches on the side to keep it shut and has the ZC World logo embossed in silver on the face and inside cover. Upon opening the box and removing the first insert you are presented with a foam tray which keeps all of the accessories in place. Behind this you will find Jack, fully clothed with his patrol officers cap, underneath him are a set of shoulder insignia depicting rank and a further small plastic bag containing his tie bar and sets of wrist pins. You only need to pop on his tie, his belt with accessories and his cap and he’s complete and ready for duty!

Concentrating on the first tray, let’s look in further detail at some of the accessories that are provided with Jack. The first thing that you’ll notice is that Jack is provided with 3 sets of hands, left and right relaxed, flat palm and trigger finger hands, so you can mix and match your own combos for the right pose. Even better than that, ZC World has also provided you with 3 sets of wrist pegs! If only every manufacturer did that, it makes for much easier and quicker swapping of the hands without having to try and pry them off the pegs each time and risk breakage through fatigue. The hands also have a nice matt texture to them with no apparent ‘plastic shine’ visible.

The belt itself is leather effect, but very convincing with a metal buckle that comes in two parts (the other part is in that little bag with the wrist pins!). On the belt you have places for the standard issue 9mm Beretta 92F, a can of ‘pepper spray’ or ‘CS spray’, a loop for the side handle baton, a pouch for the handcuffs, a loop for a maglite torch, radio pouch and lastly the magazine pouch which holds 2x magazines.   All of these pouches are made from soft black plastic, but give the very realistic effect of the highly polished black leather that their 1:1 counterparts would be made from.

A particular oddity and annoyance in relation to the pistols magazines in that only two are provided. The problem is that one is required to go in the weapon, and the magazine pouch holds two… so straight away you’ve got an empty pouch there. Personally, I had some spare M9 magazines in my parts tray so was able to fill the gap; but what makes the situation even more bizarre is that they provide you with a spare battery for the radio, but no-where to put it!   I think ZC World, you would have been best leaving the spare radio battery and replacing it with another pistol magazine instead! Oh well, a minor stumbling block and to be quite honest the only gripe that I have with this figure.

The pistol is a little on the disappointing side in the respect that it has no moving parts, aside from the removable magazine and the moulding lines are not really that prominent.

The handcuffs are amazingly detailed and one of the nicest of all the accessory pieces. They really do open and allow you to ‘cuff the bad-guy’, should you so wish. I imagine these will be a fairly popular loose part for people to obtain for their own law-enforcement bashes such as CIA, FBI, DEA etc…

DSCF8783Some of the other smaller items included are a cell-phone / blackberry type device, a silver ball point pen, a pair of dark sunglasses and a digital wrist watch. All of which are perfectly acceptable in detail. One would presume that the cell-phone would be placed in the top shirt pocket, the same with the ball-point pen, however with the pen it leaves it looking slightly awkward as it would mean the top pocket flap would be shifted to the side. To counter-act this you may notice in the photos that I carefully removed a few stitches so the pen could be inserted in the top above the pocket flap – just like HT did on the T-1000 figure; small modification but a big improvement.

The side-handle baton and the maglite torch are pretty self explanatory however worth noting a few points should be wishing to use this set for T-1000 kit bashing purposes. The first is that the maglite appears longer than the HT one, it looks as if it is possible to shorten it just below the textured grip section should you wish to. The second point is that the T-1000 doesn’t have a side-handle baton in the movie, so ditch that if you’re putting together a Terminator, otherwise leave as is; it’s just fine!

Moving onto Jack’s uniform, it is a faithful replica of the LAPD patrol officer attire from the late 90’s into the early 2000’s (correct me here if I’m wrong!).

The tailoring is of high quality, reproducing everything you’d expect to see on a regular uniform but on a miniature scale right down to the creases in the trousers and shirt. The shirt is held on by about 4 ‘poppers’ with tiny buttons sown onto the front of the shirt for show. I mentioned previously regarding the cell-phone that perhaps you could place it in the top shirt pocket, unfortunately on close inspection that would not be possible. Although the pocket flaps do open upwards, the pockets themselves are stitched shut – so unless you’re willing to carefully pick some stitches, they’re staying firmly shut. The silver buttons that appear on the pockets and shoulder straps appear to have a star on their face.

The badge, although nice, could have benefited perhaps from a better moulding to produce crisper and sharper detail. The number depicted on Jack’s badge is ‘628’. He also carries his name bar, aptly displaying ‘Jack’. Both are held in place through the material of the shirt and secured on the inside by way of melting the plastic.

The trousers are held in place by a Velcro fastening at the front, in conjunction with a leather effect belt with silver buckle. The belt itself is a little too long so could benefit with a few being cut carefully from the end. The trouser pockets (side ones) are functional so perhaps a place for the cell-phone can be found in here!

DSCF8849The shoes are super-shiny plastic, but exactly as any LAPD patrol officer should look, you can see your face in them! Lift his trouser legs and you’ll find those ‘half-socks’ which hide the top of the foot and ankle ball joint nicely from view.

My only disappointment with the uniform is that of the patrol cap. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t fit properly being so loose that it is literally just balanced on top so that the slightest breeze could send it askew. The cap is made from solid plastic; it really could have done with being fabric based and a snug fit to the head.

After stripping off the uniform down to the bare figure it’s plain to see that this one has been based on some of the earlier HT true-type torsos. With HT compatible wrist pins, ball jointed foot pegs and ball joint neck connector, the HT format has been well replicated. As I mentioned earlier, the skin-tone of the hands has a nice matt finish to it and the colour tone matches the facial paint application very well. The face, as you can see from the photos is much better than appears on the box and in some of the promo shots, which is odd as it’s usually the other way round! The skin has slight imperfections which add to the realism, with a nice translucent quality to it.

So, what do we think overall of ZC World’s LAPD offering? Well, I quite like it. As mentioned earlier it’s certainly something different from the norm and offers good value for money considering the amount of accessories you get with the figure. Those who missed out on the early BBI offerings have been given a second chance to own a ‘beat cop’ rather than the plentiful SWAT type figures that are available.

I personally purchased this figure with the T-1000 in mind. Having just pre-ordered the HT T-800 DX figure, I wanted to have his nemesis on display also, but didn’t want the expense of purchasing the Hot Toys variant. There is a plentiful supply of the Robert Patrick head sculpts available as loose items, and I went down the slightly cheaper route of opting for the ‘split’ head, besides, I think it adds more character to the figure when on display. Couple this with the two ‘hook’ arms and you’re all set to display Arnie and Robert battling it out on your shelf.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Toy Anxiety for the excellent deal they offered me on this figure. It is currently available for purchase on-line for $119.99.


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