InToyZ - SIG Weapons Set

With the plethora of M4 rifles and related variants on the market, sometimes it’s nice to give your latest 1/6th creation something a little different.  When I discovered purely by accident the InToyZ SIG Weapons Set, I jumped at the chance to get hold of one so I could kit my soldier out with something that would make him stand out from the crowd.

Manufactured by InToyZ, these weapon sets were marketed under the brand of ‘Armed Forces’ and featured the following:

Colt Weapons series 1
Colt Weapons series 2
Gatling Gun
HK Weapons
PSG-1 Set
SIG Weapons

They were released around 2000 / 2001, yet surprisingly there are still a few of these different sets to be found for relatively low prices if you search around.  The only one I have not been able to find is the Colt Weapons series 1, which seems to have all but disappeared from availability.  The others, at present, seem to be available for varying different prices and I would recommend if you have the opportunity to purchase before they are gone!

The SIG weapons set comprises of the following:

SIG 551 Rifle with 2 spare magazines
SIG 550 Rifle with 2 spare magazines
SIG P232 Pistol with spare magazine
SIG P228 Pistol with spare magazine
2 x Slings

I paid $9.95 (or just over £6) for the SIG set, which in my opinion is an absolute bargain, especially considering that is less than $2.50 per weapon!

Both the 550 and 551 rifles share similar features, which include a working spring loaded cocking handle which also draws back the ejection port, moveable selector switch, spring loaded trigger, folding stock with removable cheek pieces, telescopic sights with mounts which are removable plus a sling and 2 spare magazines per rifle.

Additionally the 550 rifle includes a folding bi-pod which makes it ideally suited for a ‘sniper’ or dedicated marksman role, which was my exact intention when purchasing this set.

The two pistols, the P228 and the P232 also feature an additional magazine and spring loaded ‘functionality’.  The 232 has a spring loaded cocking mechanism on the top slide and the 228 features a moveable hammer and spring loaded trigger.

So let’s take a closer look at each one of these pieces individually:

SIG 550 Rifle:

The 550 rifle is an excellent representation of it’s larger 1:1 scale counterpart, and as mentioned previously, offers the 1/6th collector something a little different from the usual.  Developed as an assault rifle, the 550 is a unique weapon capable of fulfilling multiple roles.  As with the ‘real steel’, this 1/6th scale version replicates the selective fire mechanism which offers single, 3-round burst and fully automatic fire, and of course ‘safe’.  This selector switch on this rifle is ambidextrous and moveable.  The cocking handle is spring loaded, which also opens the ejection port on the right hand side of the rifle, as is the trigger spring-loaded and fully operable.  The actual rifle incorporates an integral lightweight aluminium folding bi-pod, which is fully replicated on this model, it is however, a little on the flimsy side and I found it did not lock into place as intended.  This leaves me two options, either glue it open, or glue it closed – a little disappointing but not the end of the world.  Another part which is a poor fit are the magazines, which have a tendency to fall out, unless two are clamped together which aids in gripping the receiver.  The magazines themselves are also technically inaccurate as they should be a semi-translucent polymer material similar to those of the G36 to aid in visually representing ammunition reserves, these are not, they are opaque black plastic; a real pity.

The folding stock and fore grip of the rifle are a dark OD green plastic, which are accurate to the 1:1 version, and also include a removable plastic cheek riser, useful for the ‘dedicated marksman’ role.  However, the folding stock is extremely delicate and it is obvious the hinge would not take much before failing.  Again, it is slightly loose so a decision needs to be made as to whether it should be glued in the open or folded position. 

The telescopic sight, which is the same on both models, is removable from the mounts, which in turn are removable from the gun.  This gives you the option of using the weapon in either an assault rifle or marksman role. 

SIG 551 Rifle:

The 551 version incorporates all of the features found above, but represents the shorter barrel ‘carbine’ version of the 550 and comes with black stock, handle and fore-grip and does not include a bi-pod.  All other aspects of the rifle remain the same, including the cocking mechanism, spring loaded trigger, removable cheek piece, selector switch and removable sights and mounts.  Unfortunately, it also shares the same weaknesses as the 550, which include a flimsy folding stock and loose magazines. 


SIG P228:

The SIG P228 is a pistol in service with the US military, designated the M11, chambered in 9mm calibre.  It also used by British Special Forces, although they also use the P226 which is extremely similar in design and operation.  The InToyZ version has a spring-loaded trigger and moveable cocking hammer.  It also features the SIG logo and in very tiny writing ‘P228’ on the grip and slide (you will need a magnifying glass to see it!).  It is a fairly well detailed piece by 1/6th standards, however the magazine is vastly undersized and under-scale in comparison to the rest of the weapon (see picture) and should be almost half as long again.  This is most likely to make room internally for the moving parts (the spring mechanism).  The pistol comes with a spare magazine but most likely I will use different ones as ‘pouch stuffers’ and glue the pistols mag in place.

SIG P232:

The 232 model is blessed with a similar level of detail as the 228, however the mechanism is slightly different.  Instead of a spring loaded trigger, it has a spring loaded side which when pulled back exposes a ‘stainless steel’ barrel.  The trigger and hammer are fixed.  Unfortunately it too has an undersized magazine which is a real shame as both pistols are otherwise fantastic.



In my opinion, a good part of this hobby is the customisation of individual pieces to suit ones needs, therefore the odd fault that needs to remedied is far outweighed by the general quality of the product.  In the case of this set, apart from a few minor flaws, they are otherwise a very good representation of the 1:1 scale weapons and certainly a breath of fresh air from the usual.  In summary the main areas of concern are the flimsy magazines and folding stocks on the rifles, including the bipod on the 550 – which can be cured by gluing but then renders that element inoperable; and the under-sized pistol magazines.  Aside from this, at $9.95 the set still represents great value for money and should be strongly considered if you’re looking for something slightly different.

Overall, I would give the InToyZ SIG Weapons set:  6.5 / 10

This set is available from Tonys Toys / Store on 44 priced at $9.95


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