DAM Toys - 'Black Hawk Down' Figures

DAM Toys - 'Black Hawk Down' Figures (Reader Submitted Review)

BHD1Since seeing MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart in "Black Hawk Down" (BHD), I've thought about doing a bash of the two of them running to the crash site of Super Six-Four - the site of their last stand against a mob of armed Somalis. Their poignant story of heroism and sacrifice in the face of certain death has always had something of a mystical air for me, but I couldn't act on my desire due to a lack of gear... that is, I couldn't act on it until DAM began rolling out their BHD line.

My expectations for these two figures were high, and DAM (mostly) did not disappoint. I can't give these figures an unequivocal recommendation, but I can give both of them something close to them.

As a whole, these kits are pretty solid. The uniform's color, fabric, and stitching is excellent; the velcro's good; vests are good' the LC2 webgear is mostly excellent - including actual metal ALICE clips (be still, my heart!); the boots are stand-out excellent; the comms are good; the helmet's great; and the M44 goggles are some of the best goggles I've ever seen. Most of the pieces in this set are beyond reproach and generally the quality meets or exceeds the standards of the industry's leader - Soldier Story.

The paint apps on the weapons are equally excellent - the CAR-15's paint can be gently scraped away to simulate weathering and the spraypaint-style camo on both is aesthetically pleasing. I do have issues with the fact that the CAR-15 is a pretty much a solid, molded piece (You can't pull back the charging handle or the ejector panel on it, but you can retract the stock and swap the silencer out for a "regular" barrel"), both otherwise these are both great weapons with great slings (I love the M14's sling - it's VERY well done!).  The HS paint apps are lifelike and the body's solid, but the "glass eye" look of the Marksman (Shughart) spoils the suspension of disbelief. If it wasn't for the lazy eye, I'd give both paint apps solid, solid marks.  The canteen covers for the figures are also excellent - provided you don't put a canteen in them. As it was, the snaps to close the covers were a chore at best and a teeth gnashing exercise in futility at worst. I ended up gluing some of the fasteners closed when it became apparent that there was no other solution.

Lastly, the gear set-up for the Marksman was overly complicated, with an odd arrangement with the outer vest. It's tough to arrange the gear so that it hangs properly and requires frequent correction - the set-up that the Support Rifleman (Gordon) uses is much, much better and simpler to boot.

Overall, I give the Support Rifleman a solid 9.5/10 and the Marksman 8/10. For whatever flaws the Support Rifleman had with its canteen covers, it's still one of the best releases of the year. The Marksman lost points due to its set-up and the lazy eye my sculpt had. It's still a solid release, but it's just not as good or fun as the Support Rifleman. I still strongly recommend both kits though - you won't regret the purchase.

Many thanks to Ryan (Casual_Collector on the OSW boards) for his review submission.  If you have a figure or accessories that you wish to review and send us your submission, click on the 'contact us' link and get in touch!


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