Subway, 24hrs 'Betrayer' - Review

DSCF869024, one of the most successful American TV drama series produced.  It ran from November 2001 until the season finale in late May 2010, spanning 8 seasons with over 192 episodes… and yet until writing this review I’d never seen a single one!  It just wasn’t something that particularly grabbed my attention, even though strictly speaking the subject matter is what could be classed as ‘right up my street’, I never did get round to watching it.  So I felt it only right that in conducting this review, I should make an effort to watch an episode or two, at least starring the character that we’re about to look at!

Little known manufacturer Subway first produced a figure titled ‘Hero’ which depicted the lead character ‘Jack Bauer’ (played by Kiefer Sutherland) in this hit TV series, shortly followed by another figure named ‘Betrayer’ based on character Tony Almeida – it is this figure that we’re be looking at in more detail.

Some figures can be firmly classified into certain categories, such as Sci-Fi, Military, TV & Film and Civilian, and the ‘Betrayer’ figure falls quite firmly between the last two.  The loose parts market is overwhelmed with Military parts, accessories and clothing that sometimes it’s nice to find a good source of civilian clothing, and the ‘Betrayer’ figure doesn’t disappoint in this department.  It is true that in as far as accessories, this figure does not boast much of an array comprising of only a pistol with holster and a pair of sunglasses, however bear in mind the low price.  This figure is priced at only £54.99 here in the UK, which if you break down that cost into loose parts, is well worth the money.  The body alone without the head would set you back around £10 for example, the head sculpt, another £10-15… get the idea?

So let’s look at what you do get for your money:

Leather jacket with pockets and front zipper
Black ‘denim like’ trousers (or pants for our US friends)
Long sleeve top
Underwear!  (Now that is a first on any figures I’ve seen!)
H&K USP Compact Pistol
Pancake concealed carry holster
Pair of silver sunglasses

DSCF8712Whilst that may be considered a lot less than you get with most figures these days, it is also nearly half the price, and the quality of the gear included with this figure certainly offers value for money.

The leather jacket, whilst not being real leather, certainly offers the look and feel of the genuine article.  It has two functional pockets either side, is fully lined and has wonderfully detailed stitching.  The zipper, also functional, is not oversized but could have benefited from the lower part of the zipper ‘stopper’ being metal rather than a whitish plastic; picky I know but it does look slightly out of place. 

The black ‘denim’ material trousers look like faith replicas of Levis brand and again are really nicely replicated in 1/6th form.  Front and rear pockets including the smaller pocket that you get on the inside front on jeans, again beautiful stitching with a belt included also!

The boots are pretty nice civilian style, cut just above the ankle.  It may have been nice to perhaps opt for hybrid boots, that being with real laces like the Dragon ‘Saving Private Ryan’ series of figures, if only in keeping with the rest of the detailing on this figures outfit.

The long sleeve casual top is grey in colour and has an open neck with two tiny non-functional buttons.  The seams on the shoulders and upper arms are exposed, i.e. it almost looks like the top is inside-out… not sure if that was intentional or not!

The underwear, well, this did make me chuckle.  I’d not seen any before on any of the figures I’d picked up, and it wasn’t until I stripped this figure down I could see why they included it.  It’s functional.  Functional in the sense that the buttocks and thigh areas are padded!  Much like Soldier Story includes muscular thigh sleeves to bulk out the appearance of their S2 bodies; this figure has padded underwear to do the job! 

The pistol is a faithful replica of the USP Compact used by Tony in the series.  It has the usual features like removable magazine and the slide also moves in a ‘cocking’ action.  The pancake holster included secures the pistol firmly in place.  May have been nice to perhaps include an extra magazine?

The sunglasses, well, not much can be said about a pair of sunglasses except they are civilian style as opposed to most of the military based stuff on the loose parts market, and they’re pretty fashionable looking. 

With regards to the body type used in this figure, if I had to draw comparisons I would say it is very similar to the Toys City TTL in construction, in particular around the neck and shoulder areas.  Like the Toys City body, this figure will also accept Hot Toys style neck posts, wrist and ankle pins which makes it very useful if you wish to use it for kit-bashing.  Another interesting point is the neck joint, which although features the unique eye system (more on this in a bit), you can actually pop this top-part off exposing a Hot Toys compatible ball joint ready to accept one of their neck-less sculpts.

The overall quality of the body is very good, a nice natural skin tone has been achieved and the joints are very stiff which is good for holding poses, especially when the leather jacket offers some resistance in moving the arms upwards.  My only criticism would be the elbow joints, whilst very practical, are extremely ugly and would not suit well for any figure type without sleeves.

Now, I mentioned earlier about the unique eye system that Subway have developed for this figure.  We all know that Hot Toys has the PERS system and have probably patented it to death so no other manufacturer can use anything similar… so Subway came up with their own system where you actually remove the eyes from the head, which are mounted on a little platter and replace them with a different set.  Sounds gimmicky?  Maybe a little, but it’s also quite functional too.  Simply pop the head off, remove the current set of eyes and replace with any one of the 3 sets included for a different look.  Whether or not it is something we will see on any future releases remains to be seen, but it certainly does add a unique selling point to this figure that few others can compete with. 

Aside from the funky eye system, how does the head hold up paint application wise?  Pretty well actually; it’s a fairly detailed sculpt and certainly a good likeness of the character it depicts.  I would say the paint apps are on par with perhaps some of the newer Toys City releases, so whilst it’s not in the territory of Hot Toys, it can still hold it’s own against the competition.

Overall I would have to say that this particular figure is certainly aimed at fans of the television series, although I wouldn’t rule it out completely if 24 is not something that interests you.  As I mentioned earlier, you’re getting a nice selection of good quality parts here that are useful in civilian kit-bashes, and from an economical stand point, its certainly better value to purchase the figure as a whole than the parts separately.

I would say for the relatively low cost, this figure comes well recommended. 

The Subway 24HRS ‘Betrayer’ figure was kindly donated for review by Collectable Kitbash where you can purchase one currently priced at £54.99.

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