Soldier Story: US Army FCS TF Version - Review


READER SUBMITTED REVIEW:  This review has been kindly submitted by 'PrivateEric' as he is known the OSW forum, thanks Eric!

This is actually my first Soldier Story figure ever, so I was quite excited about it.  I think I should start with the body:

It is a standard S2 body with a rubber groin and rubber butt.  I think that this is a really good idea, because the trousers can't slide down of this rubber stuff.  Also there were no problems with a broken arm or leg which were quite typical for older Soldier Story bodies.  Some nice parts are the 'Mechanix' gloves, you can see them together with the thigh-ups.

The Head Sculpt:

It is definitely one of the main reasons, why I bought this figure! It is awesome; the facial expression looks very real.

The Clothes:

The Uniform and the vest are also looking really good; I did not find any sewing-mistakes.
The camo is MultiCam, and the Soldier Story MultiCam is definitely the best that I have ever seen in 1/6 scale!  It is not that shiny like the stuff from Very Hot Toys or this old BBI/Merit stuff and looks exactly like the real camo.  A proof for that is, that the official MultiCam logo is on the Box (you can see it on the left bottom of the box-picture).  The Bandana is also quite good, but it fits a bit loose on the small head, but if you add the sunglasses to the head, it doesn't look that bad!

Battle-Belt and Pouches:

The pouches have the typical Soldier Story quality, no mistakes at all! The Battle belt has some great quality as well, but when I took it out, I noticed that some glue didn't make his job!  Not good!


The Go-Bag comes with three pockets on the front side and a big main compartment, which you can open/close with a zipper.

The Weapons:

The figure comes with a M4A1 assault rifle with an M203 grenade launcher and a Crane Stock and a Colt M1911 pistol:

The M4A1/M203 comes with a desert camo paint which is, in my opinion, very nice and well made.  There are also a few attachments, which are a EOTech 553 reflex sight, Surefire weapon lamp, a AN/PEQ-2 IR-Laser/Illuminator and a Silencer.  On top of that there are four standard magazines, four 20 round P-magazines and a tactical sling.

The M1911 is a modernized version and is including a tactical lamp, the sled can be moved back.  It also includes two silver-coloured magazines.  The Holster is a Tactical Holster with leg-base; it consists of two parts, the leg-base and the actual holster.


At least a really nice figure, with some really special equipment, there are a few parts, which are not standard parts of the US Army, so if you want to part out this figure, you really need to know what you want to do with the parts.  The Box-art is awesome, I really love it!  The Quality of all the parts is excellent, only some of the glue made problems! My absolute favourite part of the figure is the head sculpt, a bit small, but just badass!

Note from 4dEFCON:  Special thanks to Eric for providing this review, I know English is not your first language but well done buddy, you did great!


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