Need a Gladiator Fix? Check out all these preorders for some great Roman figures available this year. 
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Special Roman Edition

Gladiator Figures on Preorder

Roman figures seem to be pretty popular right now. Coming up are many different Roman figures from Gladiators to Centurions and more. Several companies are making many different figures over the remainder of this year. There is still time to get preorders in for your favorites!

Remember Urban Samurai Hobbies has flat rate shipping on all orders within Canada and the US. $7.95 within the US and $13.95 within Canada. 

ACI Gladiator Priscus


  1. Real Metal Chain Mail in 1:6 scale (New technique produces fine and detailed metal chain mail. Specially fit for 12" Action Figure)
  2. Metal Axe x 2
  3. Authentic "Thracian Gladiator's Helmet" w/ feather decoration

CM Toys Roman Gladiator Coach

Need someone to train all your Gladiators and whip them into shape? This is the guy for you!

Kaustic - Artorius Lucius Castus

Roman Centurion
- Legio II Adiutrix
- Circa 178-179 A.D.
- Marcomannic Wars - Leugaricio - Slovakia

- Limited to 700 pieces!

Kaustic - Lucius Duccius Rufinus

Roman Aquilifer - Legio IX Hispana
- Circa 60 A.D. - Roman Invasion of Britain- Camulodunum
- Roman Eagle Carrier

Kaustic - Tiberius Claudius Maximus 

Legionary with Marching Pack
- Legio VII Claudia - Circa 101-106 A.D.
- Roman Invasion of Dacia
- Middle Europe

Kaustic - Gladiator School of Pompeii

Take your Gladiator Figure and make him into a Secutor, Scissor, or Retiarius. This set has all the weapons, armor, and accessories to do it!
- Limited to 400 pieces
- Helms and Accessories made of Real Metal
- Metal components produced in Italy by master artisan jeweler
- details made in photo-incision brass
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